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Terrazzo is a material commonly employed in public facilities and private houses. It's made of marble chips and a binding material (cement) and is most often used as flooring. As a consequence of such common application, terrazzo restoration and terrazzo repair are services that are quite in demand.

How to take care of a material like terrazzo?

If you want to ensure that your terrazzo floor looks great for many years and remove all lingering stains, call a specialist to perform proper terrazzo restoration, including activities such as terrazzo cleaning, terrazzo polishing and terrazzo honing. They need to be performed with suitable equipment, e.g. diamond abrasives, resurfacers and non-acidic sealers. At the same time, a professional with knowledge in this field might also provide terrazzo repair services if they find any cracks, breaks or scratches on your flooring or walls. When you are looking for a terrazzo restoration & repair in London and its surroundings, you must pay careful attention that you hire professionals with expertise in this particular type of material. A good choice would be Milos Marbles which provides various stone maintenance services, including terrazzo restoration in Hemel Hempstead, Twickenham, Watford, and other areas near London.


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